Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is like traditional auto insurance, except it is for business vehicles. Like personal auto insurance, commercial auto policies are for company drivers in the event of an accident. Several types of coverage can be purchased, based on your business needs. You might want simple liability and/or personal damage. But a policy can also cover categories such as uninsured motorists, roadside assistance, and medical payments.

How to Tell if You Need Coverage

An employee is responsible for their actions while driving a company vehicle. But if an employee gets into an accident while on the job, then your company can be liable. Commercial car insurance provides financial assistance if something happens while your employees is driving the business vehicle.

A policy can cover specific employees or provide blanket coverage for any employees who drive company vehicles. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you want to make sure the entire fleet is covered. If you don’t have a fleet, then you only need coverage for the cars used for business purposes.


The benefit of this insurance is your company is protected from potentially devastating lawsuits. No matter what type of accident your employee gets into, the company is covered. You can’t force your employees to drive safe while on the job, so you can at least decrease the company’s financial liability.

Commercial insurance covers damages, medical expenses, and pays for replacement if a company vehicle is stolen. Roadside assistance may also be available in case an employee gets stranded. The insurance also means your employees are covered when behind the wheel, so they are legally allowed to drive the vehicle.

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