Accident Insurance

How Accident Insurance Relates to Workplace Benefits

Accident insurance provides financial assistance following accidents that result in huge expenses. This insurance applies primarily to out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from injury following an accident. Some employers offer this insurance as a workplace benefit to cover accidents that occur on or away from the job. Employers provide this insurance because it is a means of diversifying the employee’s benefits package.

How to Receive Benefits

Accident insurance covers expenses related to an accident involving the policyholder. If the type of accident is covered, then the policyholder will file a claim with the insurance company. Once the accident is verified, the policyholder receives a check.

Recommended Policyholders

In general, most people could benefit from accident insurance. After an accident several expenses can become necessary, including hospital stays and physical therapy. The injured person will also have to deal with living expenses, such as rent and utilities. Accident insurance is designed to help with all of this so the policyholder does not suffer monetarily. People who work with heavy machinery or do a lot of heavy lifting should consider this insurance.

Types of Coverage

Accident insurance covers accidental death and dismemberment, initial medical care, hospital care, and follow-up treatment if needed.

Primary Benefits

A wide range of benefits are available with accident insurance. It is possible to have coverage for ambulance expenses, hospital stays and medical expenses. Optional benefits may provide for time spent in intensive care, bone fracture injuries, disability and assistance for your spouse and children.

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